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Injury and Rehabilitation: Injuries whether sport / occupation / or accident related can cause us to stop the activities that we love. Massage therapy is used to treat both cumulative and sudden injuries. Treatment begins with isolating the cause and contributing factors to the injury and then rehabilitating the injured tissue to aid in recovery.

Prevention and Maintenance: Massage therapy is remarkably effective when used as part of a preventive care program. If you regularly participate in physical activities or perform the same motion over and over again you may be at risk of a cumulative injury. We will work with you to identify risk factors and common injures for that occupation or sport. We will develop a maintenance treatment program while also giving you specific home care suggestions of postural awareness, stretching, strengthening and hydrotherapy exercises to help prevent injuries from occurring.

Sport Event Preparation and Recovery: Regular massage therapy can enhance performance, decrease recovery time between training sessions, reduce injuries and reward you after an event. Massage therapy helps by: increasing circulation allowing needed oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion through facilitated stretching, breaking down scar tissue that inhibits proper movement of your muscles, decreasing pain by reducing muscle soreness, reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation. Through your training you may experience aches and pains; these may be early warning signs of emerging injuries. With prompt attention massage therapy can prevent you from losing valuable training time.

Relaxation and Stress Management: Stress is something we experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment; it can be both positive and negative. Positive stress can encourage action, and raise our awareness and excitement. Negative stress can cause feelings of anxiety, depression, create sleep loss, anger, high blood pressure and other medical problems. Massage therapy can reduce the negative outcomes of stress and help to induce relaxation. To extend the benefits from massage, we can provide you with some simple techniques that you can use to recover the sense of relaxation you feel following a massage.

Pain Management for Chronic Conditions: Massage therapy can be effective in helping to improve the quality of life in many circumstances by helping to restore normal function and reducing pain. In cases where chronic pain is a result of a systemic condition or disease, massage therapy can help by decreasing the discomfort the patient feels. Massage therapy can not cure these conditions but regular massage can decrease the discomfort and provide a sense of well being for the patient.

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