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Initial appointment:

The initial appointment entails a thorough health history to enable us to create a safe, goal orientated program. The health history is followed by any assessment that is needed to isolate the cause and contributing factors of your symptoms. Before beginning any treatment or treatment series an end goal is made between the Massage Therapist and the Patient. This is the start to a therapeutic relationship, one where the Therapist and the Patient will work together to achieve the same goal.
Kamloops Optimal Health Clinic

Once the treatment plan has been accepted by the Patient, the Massage Therapist will set up the table to make sure that comfort and support will be achieved. The Therapist will specify what clothing needs to be left on, depending on what areas need to be treated. At this time the Therapist will step out of the treatment room so that you can get on the treatment table. It is important for the Patient to give feedback to the Therapist before and during the Massage with regards to depth of pressure, temperature, and comfort levels. If you are uncomfortable at any time or wish the treatment session to end please say so.
Kamloops Optimal Health Clinic
After treatment:

The Therapist will again step out of the treatment room. Please take your time getting off of the table. It is important to move slowly to enable your blood pressure to normalize. Also take note at this time how you are feeling. The therapist will come back into the room when you are ready. At this time the Therapist will do any re-assessment that is necessary to observe any improvements from the massage.
Home care:

After each treatment home care suggestions of postural awareness, stretching, strengthening and hydrotherapy exercises will be given to our patients and will further help achieve the end recovery goal.
Payment and rebooking:

After your appointment is complete your Therapist will receive your payment and issue a receipt. A follow up appointment may or may not be recommended. You can book right at the clinic or wait until you have a chance to look at your schedule. It is recommended to book as soon as possible to ensure that you will be able to get the time and date that is convenient to you.
Suggestions for after every massage:

Massage therapy has a direct effect on circulation helping to increase nutrients to your tissues while helping to remove any waste products. Once you leave the office make sure to stay hydrated by replenishing your fluid stores with water. This will aid in removing more waste products while increasing the health of your tissues. It should also be known that it is not uncommon to experience some soreness and fatigue in the 24-36 hours after a treatment while your body is healing. Most Patients feel the best two days after their treatment. If you have any questions or concerns at all please phone the clinic.
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