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Fee policy:

The cost of the treatment is the patient’s responsibility, should private insurers, ICBC, MSP, DVA, WCB or other providers fail to reimburse. Payment of any treatment is to be made at the time of the treatment session.

Cancellation policy:

Kamloops Optimal Health Clinic administers a 24 hour cancellation policy for all missed appointments. A cancellation fee is applied as a missed appointment prevents other patients from scheduling appointments at that time.


An accurate health history is pertinent in developing an effective treatment plan. All patients information is held in strict confidence and will only be released by written authorization from the patient or when required by law.

Kamloops Optimal Health Clinic

Personal Information and Privacy Act (PIPA):

Kamloops Optimal Health Clinic complies with the Personal Information and Privacy Act.

For complete information please refer directly to the PIPA website: www.oipc.bc.ca/sector_private/public

General policies:

All treatments will begin and end at scheduled times. Sessions begun late due to late arrival will end at the original allotted time and will be charged in full.

In considering your health and the health of other patients please reschedule if you are experiencing a virus or condition that is contagious.

We will turn away patients that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It is the duty of the patient to update their therapist of any changes or additions to the original health history.

Payment is to be made at the time of the treatment.

Sexual harassment is not tolerated. If the therapist’s safety feels compromised, the treatment will be stopped immediately.

Do to allergies and sensitivities we keep our clinic odor free. We ask our patients to avoid perfume and any fragrance.

We ask our patients to be aware of their hygiene prior to treatment, please arrive with this in mind and shower or freshen up if it is necessary.

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